At the beginning of August, Instagram announced a brand new feature that would allow marketers to share off-the-cuff, behind the scenes content, in addition to the traditionally curated grid of photos. With its launch, Instagram Stories positions brands in a way that will allow them to personalize their business and connect with their audience in a unique way.

While many features have caused marketers to question Instagram Stories’ similarities to Snapchat – such as 24-hour content, filters, as well as text and drawing tools – Instagram Stories is more beneficial than Snapchat in many ways. When compared to Snapchat, Instagram Stories has a larger audience and reach, brands are easily discoverable with the search function, Instagram is more friendly to advertisers, and the overall functionality is superior.

Instagram Stories now gives brands the ability to tell stories in a new and engaging way. During a recent interview, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom explained: “If Instagram is built around highlights, we’re filling the space in between — and becoming more about visual expression in general. We’re capturing all the world’s moments, not just the best ones.”

With the ability to focus on storytelling and connect with your audience in a new way, how can your brand begin to utilize Instagram Stories?

  • Utilize behind the scenes content that gives users a glimpse into the day-to-day happenings of your business and allows them a closer look at your products or services.
  • Live video content allows you the chance to broadcast events and engage with your audience through live, interactive content.
  • The excitement and convenience of 1:1 communication still exists between brands and their audience, but Instagram Stories provides a unique opportunity for brands to interact directly with their followers.
  • With Instagram’s recent algorithm changes, it’s potentially more difficult to get your content in front of your audience on the app. However, Instagram Stories allows brands the opportunity to ensure their content stays top of mind, even if their posts aren’t necessarily at the top of the feed.

As Instagram Stories continues to grow and evolve, there will inevitably be new and exciting ways to use this feature. In the meantime, what are ways that your brand has been able to leverage Instagram Stories for maximum engagement?


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